Publications & Presentations

Publishable Summary for 16NRM02 SURFACE – Pavement surface characterisation for smart and efficient road lighting (2020) Download


Gidlund, H., Lindgren, M., Muzet, V., Rossi, G. & Iacoumussi, P. (2019) Road Surface Photometric Characterisation and Its Impact on Energy Savings. Coatings 9(5):286. Download

Information material

SURFACE flyer – Download

Workshop presentation

Presentation from the first stakeholder meeting, Berlin, May 2018 – Download

Presentation from the workshop on road surfaces photometric properties, CIE Mid-term conference in Korea, October 2017 – Download

Effects of using the SURFACE database on road lighting. Presentation at CIE, Washington 2019 – Download

SURFACE r-table collection. Presentation at CIE, Washington 2019 – Download