Report from the first stakeholder meeting

On May 25, the first SURFACE stakeholder meeting took place in Berlin. The day was filled with interesting discussions and the SURFACE consortium received  lots of input.

Right now, the consortium are working on a first proposal regarding new geometries for road surface characterisation, and the reference materials production is on going – the first samples are being tested right now. The consortium has also just started preparing the protocol for the intercomparison on luminance coefficient.

Following the suggestions of the stakeholders, SURFACE are planning to arrange the next stakeholder meeting in 2019 during an international event of “road management and engineering and design”.

Read the presentation from the stakeholder meeting

Invitation to stakeholder meeting

The SURFACE project has been launched 8 months ago and we are pleased to invite you to the First Stakeholder meeting.

The stakeholder meeting will be in Berlin on Friday, May 25 afternoon (from 14:00 to 17:00) at the Technical University of Berlin. The meeting is open to all audience and we invite you to sign as a stakeholder of the project. Being a stakeholder does not involve economic engagements, but gives the opportunity of being involved in the project.

The meeting will be a satellite event of the CIE Division 4 annual meeting and of CIE Expert Workshop “A new Vision of Visibility for Roadway Lighting”.

The members of the SURFACE consortium will present the project main objectives and will share the first results achieved, as well they will announce the First Measurement Intercomparison on q luminance coefficient, open to all collaborators with portable and laboratory measuring devices, we will introduce also the measurement facilities we are building up for European Road Lighting Community.

It will be a great time for sharing experiences and research and ideas on the topic!

We have reserved a large time for discussion because we are interested to listen to your needs: being a stakeholder is a way to influence research and also being informed on the latest project news.

Read more about the meeting: SURFACE stakeholder meeting open invitation

How to get there:

The meeting location is room E304 at the Fachgebiet Lichttechnik, Einsteinufer 19. Map stakeholder meeting