SURFACE’s main goals are as follows:

  • to provide the European Community, CEN (review EN 13201 road lighting) and CIE (TC4-50, review of CIE/PIARC TR 66), with data on the existing materials considering the measurement uncertainty
  • to define new measuring geometries to meet present and future lighting requirements concerning LED-smart lighting systems, adaptative systems and self driving car
  • to produce reference materials to calibrate measurement systems of the road surfaces photometric properties
  • to provide an open source software to calculate the measurement uncertainty of the measured photometric properties
  • to organise a workshop on road surfaces photometric properties to be be held in October 2017 during the CIE Mid-term Conference (Korea)
  • to disseminate the project final results through an Intenational Symposium on road surfaces in 2019 with special focus on photometric properties
  • to set up a stakeholder group, including industries, road constructors and operators, lighting designers, and associations, to whom the project final results will be transmitted free of charge (the participation in the project as a stakeholder is totally free).